Abe has its International Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival

One of Gullane’s most expected productions had its International Premiere last weekend (27) in Park City, Utah at Sundance Film Festival. The first English-spoken project by Gullane, the film follows Abe, a 12-year-old boy, and a passionate cook, who faces cultural and religious conflicts between his own family, divided in Israeli Jews and Palestinians Muslins. Abe seeks his identity while he tries to join the family through the food.

Directed by Fernando Grostein de Andrade, the film is a Spray Films and Gullane production with a more than special cast: Noah Schnapp, Seu Jorge, Dadmara Dominczyk, Arian Moadyed, among others.

Excerpts from Justin Lowe’s review, for the Hollywood Reporter:

If there’s another country as geographically and culturally diverse as the U.S., it’s probably Brazil, with its mix of African, European, Asian and native influences.


Drawing on his personal background and the multifaceted aspects of both Brazilian and American culture, Andrade serves up an enticing dramedy that wholeheartedly celebrates the potential for multicultural cuisine to unite people from distinctly different traditions, even in the face of determined opposition.


Although he’s too infrequently seen outside of Brazilian productions, renowned musician and actor Jorge effortlessly demonstrates his artistic versatility, easily adapting to Chico’s position as chef-philosopher while mentoring Abe.

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