Just Like Our Parents

Rosa longs only to be perfect: in her job, as a mother, daughter, wife and lover… And the harder she tries, the more she feels she’s getting it all wrong. The child of formidable intellectuals and the mother of two pre-teen girls, Rosa finds herself trapped by the demands of two generations: to be engaged, modern, flawless, infallible – superwoman. Until one day her mother drops a bombshell, and Rosa begins to rediscover her true self.

  • Year:2017
  • Director:Laís Bodanzky
  • Gênero:Drama, , Romance


  • Berlin International Film Festival (2017) -

    Panorama Special

  • Gramado Film Festival (2017) -

    Best Film / Best Director / Best Actress (Maria Ribeiro) / Best Actor (Paulo Vilhena) / Best Supporting Actress (Clarisse Abujamra) / Best Editing

  • 19º Festival Du Cinéma Bresilien de Paris -

    Best film - Public's choice

  • And more -


a GULLANE and BURITI FILMES production in coproduction with GLOBO FILMES with MARIA RIBEIRO inCOMO NOSSOS PAIS” a film by LAÍS BODANZKY screenplay by LAÍS BODANZKY and LUIZ BOLOGNESI director of photography PEDRO J. MÁRQUEZ production designer RITA FAUSTINI editor RODRIGO MENECUCCI composer original ANTONIO PINTO casting director ALESSANDRA TOSI costume designer CÁSSIO BRASIL and ANDRÉ ANASTACIO sound JORGE REZENDE sound mixing supervisor ALESSANDRO LAROCA, EDUARDO VIRMOND LIMA and ARMANDO TORRES JR, ABC assistant director INÊS MULIN post production coordinator PATRÍCIA NELLY Production Manager JOANA ARAÚJO international coordinator MANUELA MANDLER marketing coordinator DANNIELLE ALARCÓN financial coordinator ANDRÉA MARCONDES  executive producer SONIA HAMBURGER executive producer CAIO GULLANE, RODRIGO CASTELLAR and ANA SAITO associate producer JOSÉ ALVARENGA JR. produced by CAIO GULLANE, DEBORA IVANOV, FABIANO GULLANE, LAÍS BONDANZKY and LUIZ BOLOGNESI directed by LAÍS BODANZKY