All The Invisible Children

All The Invisible Children is composed of seven distinct short films, each directed by a different director, each representing a nation or a different region of the world: Mehdi Charef (Africa), Emir Kusturica (Serbia-Montenegro), Spike Lee (United States), Kátia Lund (Brazil), Jordan Scott & Ridley Scott (UK), Stefano Veneruso (Italy) and John Woo (China). Recognized by the international critics, these filmmakers share their view on the children’s cause, while at the same time seeking to entertain and thrill the world in an attempt to highlight the importance of the issues addressed.

  • Year:2005
  • Director:(Português do Brasil) Kátia Lund
  • Gênero:Biography, Drama


  • Venice Film Festival 2005 -

    Hors Concours

  • Toronto International Film Festival 2005 -

    Special Presentation

  • Dubai International Film Festival (Saudi Arabia) 2006 -
  • Giffoni Film Festival (Italy) 2006 -
  • And more -


MK FILM PRODUCTIONS  in coproduction with RAI CINEMA  present um filme directed by MEHDI CHAREF “África do Sul”, EMIR KUSTURICA “Sérvia-Montenegro”, SPIKE LEE “Estados Unidos”, KATIA LUND “Brasil”, JORDAN SCOTT and RIDLEY SCOTT “Inglaterra”, STEFANO VENERUSO “Itália” and JOHN WOO “China”  ideia original de CHIARA TILESI produção MK FILM PRODUCTIONS  in coproduction with RAI CINEMA  produção MARIA GRAZIA CUCINOTTA, CHIARA TILESI and STEFANO VENERUSO  por MK FILM PRODUCTIONS associate producers GAETANO DANIELE, ANNA RITA DELL’ATTE, CESARE FALLETTI DI VILLAFALLETTO and ANDREA PIEDIMONTE  realizado with o suporte especial de ITALIAN DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION MINISTRY OF FOREING AFFAIRS em favor da UNICEF and WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME agradecendo a contribuição de UNICREDIT GROUP