Out Of Control

Series about the instigating universe of police investigations in the city of Rio de Janeiro. In each episode, a crime is solved, showing how the functioning of the city interconnects all types of residents and visitors. Medeiros (Milhem Cortaz) is an anti-hero cop who dialogues with the rules imposed by the system and creates his own laws.

  • Year:2012
  • Director:Daniel Rezende, (Português do Brasil) Johnny Araújo
  • Gênero:Drama


Produced by: Gullane and Grifa Filmes

Coproduced and broadcasted by: Record

Associate producer: Republica Pureza

Cast: Milhem Cortaz, Claudio Gabriel, Rafaella Mandelli and Alice Assef

Directed by: Johnny Araújo and Daniel Rezende

Screenplay by: Marcílio Moraes and Gustavo Reiz

Executive Producer: Marcello Maia