Magnificent Desolation

In the mid-1990s, the Brazilian government handed over control of its railroads to the private sector. There was then a reduction of passenger train lines to almost zero and shrinkage of the rail freight network. The machinists, who once traveled with an assistant, began to work completely on their own in their long journeys. The film presents a subjective view on the daily life of these professionals and their solitary routine in the midst of a grandiose, tedious, desolate and at the same time passionate universe.

  • Year:2010
  • Director:(Português do Brasil) Fernando Coimbra
  • Gênero:Biography, Drama, Family,


  • Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival 2010 -

    Short Wave Award

  • And more -


Production companies: Cabra Filmes and Gullane
Directed by: Fernando Coimbra
Screenplay by: Fernando Coimbra
Produced by: Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Fernando Coimbra
In coproduction with: Débora Ivanov and Gabriel Lacerda
Production Manager: Luísa Berlitz
Director of Photography: Fernando Coimbra
Edited by: Eva Randolph
Sound: Ricardo Cutz
Music: Ricardo Cutz