Brazil From Above

A 5-part documentary series presenting the Brazilian coats and culture from exuberant aerial images of the coast and the in land exploration of the local and cultural landscape. A TV show that invites the audience to a double knowledge: of the landscape – by air, land and sea – and of the  culture – by land.

  • Year:2016
  • Director:(Português do Brasil) Ombline de La Grenadière
  • Gênero:Documentary


Produced by: Gullane and Gedeon Programmes

Coproduced by: TV Brasil

Directed by: Ombline de la Grandière

Screenplay by: Ombline de la Grandière, Valéria França and Flávia Guerra

Researcher: Flavia Guerra and Valéria França

Editorial Coordinator: Beatriz Viveiros

Camera/Steadycam: Gilles Féron

Camera: Marcelo Oliveira

Paramotor camera: Yann Romanson

Sound: Rodrigo Maia Sacic

Editor: Nicolas Moncadas and Dirceu Lustosa

Executive Producer: Laurent Baujard

Producers: Fabiano Gullane, Caio Gullane and Debora Ivanov