The Man Of Your Dreams

Hugo (Augusto Madeira) is a regular middle-aged man, the ‘single’ father of Gabriel (Konstantinos Sarris), a 13-year-old teenager. Unemployed, disillusioned and in debt, Hugo agrees to work with his cousin Gloria (Angela Dip), an extroverted woman who owns a dating agency “The Man of your dreams”. Hugo becomes a sort of “wild card” of the ideal man: according to the tastes and desires of the agency’s clients, he interprets different characters, with a perfect name and appearance for them, but also with the purpose of making them fall in love with him, and then to push them away so that they continue in the search for the ideal man. But Hugo cannot avoid involvement and, with each client, he tries to help them with their personal conflicts. Such a task will help him to deal with his own difficulties in relationships. Lonely for many years, he will realize that it is time to forget the past and fall in love again.

  • Year:2017
  • Director:Daniel Rezende, (Português do Brasil) Pedro Amorim, (Português do Brasil) Fernando Coimbra
  • Gênero:Comedy, Drama, Romance


Produced by: Gullane

Broadcaster: HBO

Directed by: Daniel Rezende, Pedro Amorim and Fernando Coimbra

Screenplay by: Danilo Gullane, Tati Bernardi and Depto Ficcional

Director of photography: Pierre Kerchove and Pepe Mendes

Sound: Lício Marcos de Oliveria

Original soundtrack: Beto Villares

Editor: Marcio Hashimoto Soares

Executive producer: Claudia Büschel and Caio Gullane

Produced by: Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane, Debora Ivanov, Maria Angela de Jesus, Roberto Rios,Paula Belchior and Luiz F. Peraza