The Second Mother

Val (Regina Casé) left her daughter, eighteen years ago, in the care of relatives in the northeast of Brazil to work as a nanny in São Paulo in an upper class family home. Thirteen years later, she became a second mother to the family’s boy Fabinho (Michel Joelsas). When Jessica (Camila Márdila), her daughter, now a teenager, comes to São Paulo to take a university entrance examination, her strong personality stirs the social hierarchy of the family and, consequently, questions the rigidity of the current social roles.

  • Year:2015
  • Director:Anna Muylaert
  • Gênero:Comedy, Drama, Family,


  • Gramado International Film Festival 2015 -

    Opening Film

  • Grande Prêmio do Cinema Brasileiro 2016 -

    Best Feature Fiction Film / Best Director / Best Actress (Regina Casé)/ Best Supporting Actress (Camila Márdila)/ Best Original Script / Best Fiction Editing / Best Feature Fiction Film - Public's choice

  • Sundance Film Festival 2015 -

    Best Actress - Regina Casé and Camila Márdila

  • Berlin International Film Festival 2015 -

    Panorama Audience Award

  • Academy Awards (Oscar) 2016 -

    Brazil's Oficial Submission - Foreign Language Film

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GULLANE in association with AFRICA FILMES in coproduction with GLOBO FILMES with distributed by PANDORA FILMES  present “QUE HORAS ELA VOLTA?”  a film by ANNA MUYLAERT with CAMILA MÁRDILA, KARINE TELES, LOURENÇO MUTARELLI, MICHEL JOELSAS and HELENA ALBERGARIA  director of photography BÁRBARA ALVAREZ  production designer MARCOS PEDROSO and THALES JUNQUEIRA  editor KAREN HARLEY, music by FÁBIO TRUMMER and VITOR ARAÚJO  Casting director PATRÍCIA FARIA  costume designer ANDRÉ SIMONETTI and CLAUDIA KOPKE  make up MARCOS FREIRE and ANDRÉ ANASTÁCIO  sound GABRIELA CUNHA  sound mixing supervisor MIRIAM BIDERMAN, ABC and RICARDO REIS  sound mixing PAULO GAMA  assistant director LETÍCIA PRISCO and SUZY MILSTEIN  post production supervisor PATRÍCIA NELLY  international coordinator MANUELA MANDLER  Production Manager JAIR NETO  executive producer ANA SAITO, MARIANA MECCHI and SÔNIA HAMBURGER  executive producer CAIO GULLANE and CLAUDA BÜSCHEL  associate producer GUEL ARRAES  produced by CAIO GULLANE, FABIANO GULLANE, DEBORA IVANOV and ANNA MUYLAERT  written and directed by ANNA MUYLAERT