Animal Rescue

In 6 episodes, the dramatic stories of animals threatened by the advancement of the cities over their natural habitats and the professionals working to save them. A team of specialized scientists and veterinarians come together to rescue, treat and reintroduce them to nature, when possible, giving them a second chance at life.

  • Year:2013
  • Director:(Português do Brasil) Eduardo Rajabally, (Português do Brasil) Mauro Martins
  • Gênero:Documentary


Produced by: Gullane and Grifa

Directed by: Eduardo Rajabally and Mauro Martins

Screenplay by: Edu Rajabally and Danilo Gullane

Director of Photography: Mauro Martins

Editor: Paulo Mattos

Executive producer: Mauricio Dias and Debora Ivanov

Produced by: Caio Gullane

Debora Ivanov

Fabiano Gullane

Fernando Dias

Gabriel Lacerda

Maurício Dias

Executive producer: Sonia Hamburger

Production Coordinator:Isabel Oliva

Production Manager: Renata Rudge

Post production: André Finotti