João de Camargo (Lázaro Ramos) lived in a slave house in the 19th century. After being released from slavery he is dazzled by the changing world around him and desperate to live in it. The shock is so great that it causes João to hallucinate, believing to be able to see God. Blending his African roots with the glory of Judeo-Christian civilization, João comes to believe so deeply that he is able to heal that he actually ends up being able to do it, that’s when he becomes one of the Brazilian legends, the popular Old Black (Preto Velho).

  • Year:2005
  • Director:(Português do Brasil) Paulo Betti, (Português do Brasil) Clóvis Bueno
  • Gênero:Biography, Drama


  • São Paulo Film Festival 2005 -
  • Gramado Film Festival 2005 -

    5 awards, including the special jury award

  • Rio Film Festival 2005 -
  • And more -


Produced by: Prole de Adão and Laz Audiovisual
Coproduced by: Gullane and Teleimage

Distributed by: Clóvis Bueno and Paulo Betti

Main Cast: Lázaro Ramos, Leona Cavalli, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Beto Guiz, Ernani Moraes, Faus
Directed by: Paulo Betti and Clóvis Bueno
Screenplay by: Clóvis Bueno
Producers: Paulo Betti, R. A. Gennaro and Virgínia W. Moraes
Executive producers: R. A. Gennaro, Virgínia W. Moraes, Caio Gullane and Fabiano Gullane
Production Manager: Rui Pires and André Montenegro
Director of photography: José Roberto Eliezer ABC
Production designer: Vera Hamburger
Costume designer: Bia Salgado
Casting director: Patrícia Faria, Vivian Golombeck and Sandra Pires
Post production: Eliane Ferreira
Editor: Sérgio Mekler
Sound: Márcio Câmara